Map of Sibun Expedition

The purpose of the expedition was three fold. First and foremost was to collect initial baseline environmental data on the freshwater invertebrates of the upper Sibun watershed. This information would help to complete a collection of organism baseline data for the entire Sibun watershed.

Second, we hoped to document the beauty and wildlife of the upper Sibun River. Most Belizeans have never experienced the natural wonders of their own country. With photographs and journals of the trip, we hope to publish in national publications and help to raise awareness of the fragility and importance of the entire Sibun River.

...The purpose of the trip was three fold..environmental information...photographic documentaion...and adventure...

And finally, all members of the team knew Belize's back country intimately. We had all spent time roaming remote areas and climbing through the Maya Mountains. We were excited about exploring a part of Belize that no one had ever visited or seen least in modern times.

You can use the map to the left to follow the journey, or use the table below for a day by day diary of events. The main highlight of each day is posted below the link. Each page will have a next button so you can move through the journal in sequence without having to return to this page.

Daily Journal
Day 1
Helicopter drop
Day 2
Morpho Falls
Day 3
Crinoid Fossils
Day 4
Wildlife Sitings
Day 5
Sibun Canyon
Day 6
Rain comes!
Day 7;Day 8 & Day 9
Flash Flood

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