Placencia Arts Festival - 2005

By Cindy Blount
Edited by Naturalight Productions Ltd.

This past weekend, February 12-13, the village of Placencia, known for it's beautiful beaches and mile-long sidewalk, was decked out in grand color and style as it hosted the Annual Placencia Arts Festival. With double the number of participating artists from last year, the festival attracted artists and visitors from across the country.

The Festival was an ideal stop on the Toucan Trail as we continue to develop content for the new website, which will be launched next month. In addition to featuring 100+ affordable accommodations (under US$60) and off-of the beaten path destinations, it will highlight the "Local Flavor" - specifically, music, arts & crafts, interesting people and local recipes.

We invite you to take a journey and sample some of Belize's art—from this year's festival and what you will find along on the Toucan Trail.

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Special Thanks to:

  • Placencia Arts Association
  • Participating Artists
  • Images Courtesy of:

  • Cindy Blount

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